Sanders Winery is the main attraction for concerts and entertainment events. Starts in April and runs into October. The Sanders Family presents  a variety of top rated shows. These events are on weekends in "The Betsie Sanders Theater For The Performing Arts".

Reservations are required to secure your table.Get your group together and call for your reservations
(775) 727-1776. Free wine tasting and you may bring your own food if you like. Your table will be reserved for you and your guests. HERE IS WHAT'S COMING UP:


(former singer with "THE LETTERMEN" ) Is our special guest performer.     
    Variety Magazine has dubbed him "one of the best entertainers in show business today". In the early 80's, Mark was asked to join the world-famous recording group "The Lettermen". Mark's contributions to the group were recognized when the group was inducted into the Vocal Group Hall of Fame.       
    Marks career keeps him ver busy over 40 weeks a year with appearance in showrooms and concerts all around the world. His performances include every type of music, with showmanship and ease rarely seen on stage.


    Takes over the stage at Sanders Family Winery. Mark & Denise, both headliners in showrooms in Las Vegas for many years are are big time favorites.

    Denise has been singing at virtually every major casino. Mark has been onstage for many years and sounds like numerous singers, Neil Diamond, Joe Cocker, Gary Pucket, Bill Medly, as well as David Clayton Thomas.

    Their show will encompass the "big horn sound" (similar to 'Chicago", Blood Sweat & Tears") Denise is so versatile in vocals and harmony and has several routines she integrates into the show.

    As we approach the end of our concert season,  we are proud to present 'Lynn Peterson & The Phatt Katzz: in a musical journey, "AN ADVENTURE IN TIME".

    Lynn and company treat this in a narrative "Broadway style musical". This musical journey begins nearly a century ago and progresses with nearly each decade's most popular music.

    Music from the years of prohibition through the great world wars. Into the big band era, the fabulous 50's and 60's. From there, each decade had it's great hits. The band moves you through each decade to the present time.

    It takes versatile musicians to do a show like this. Lynn Peterson has created this special concert just for The Sanders Family Winery. There is nothing better in the world than to enjoy great music, great wine with great friends. This is a great show.